Driver Training

Your club runs a Club introductory 4×4 driver training course on a regular basis for new members. Anyone wish to have a refresher are also welcome to attend.

The course begins with an interesting and informative theory session lasting roughly one and a half Courses are held in the Park Rynie area and start at 08h30 and are usually over by around 14h00.

The theory session includes, the 4×4 driver train (both part time and full time), Tyres selection and sizes, the suspension, Traction control, diff locks and then of course obstacles, how to first identify the obstacle, what gearing etc is required for the obstacle and then of course driving the obstacle.

It’s all about seeing what you the driver are capable and then what the vehicle can do, and all this in a controlled and safe environment.

To keep the course interesting and busy, numbers are limited on the day so prior booking is essential. You are encouraged to bring along your family so that they may also experience the vehicle being driven on off-cambers and driving up and down steep slopes.

For more info, please contact: Gerald O’Brien on 082 8746138 or

**Keep an eye on the Club Calendar for updated dates.