Chairmans Cab – September 2017

Spring has sprung! It was great to see so many jokes on social media with pictures of springs in the air 🙂

Talking of social media, it was recently brought to my attention that someone had posted in-appropriate content on the club’s WhatsApp social group. Please be very careful of what you post and how it will affect other people as well as the club in general. Luckily the post was removed by one of the administrators. The social group is there for you to have some fun and stay in touch with other members so please keep it clean and appropriate for the family orientated club we are.

The notifications group is there for us as a committee to provide information about upcoming events, so please do not post on that group.

The AGM is in October, and the official notice is later in the Traction magazine, As indicated earlier, Kevin and Jennifer are not standing for re-election next year, so please consider joining the club committee and be part of managing the club next year and bring your ideas.

Once on the committee the portfolios are discussed and agreed at the first committee meeting in November. The committee meets once a month, traditionally on the first Wednesday of each month.

In last month’s Chairman’s Cab I asked for comments on the Traction, and I am pleased to say that Jacho has done a great job in finding a way to use the information on the website to create a newsletter, so the Traction lives on – Well done Jacho!

Noggins is at the same place this month, please see the articles in the Traction for more details.

Keep up to date with the club activities by reading the Traction, going to our website and also checking out the Facebook page and WhatsApp groups.

TnT …

Tender not Tough; The necessary Trails; The nice Things; Talk not Text; Time near Nature; Today not Tomorrow; Trails not Traffic; Try new Things; Till next Time; Travel not Technology…….